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85A-Slavic Folklore: For the Right Reasons

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Today's story comes from Slavic folklore and it was so much fun. It's surprisingly complex and full of magic, love, and a sleazy little kidnapper who just can't catch a break. Did you know cotton balls were vegetarian friendly snacks? I mean, they're also living things, but they are primarily plants. They taste like old fish and/or honey, but they are low cholesterol so, you know, there's that. --- Sponsor: Check out Casper for the most comfortably mattress you will ever sleep on. Go to http://www.casper.com/legends and use the code LEGENDS to get $50 off your first order. --- Music: "Vanagon" by Podington Bear "Qi" by Blue Dot Sessions "Waypoint 7" by Blue Dot Sessions "We Drive Three Days" by Blue Dot Sessions "Old Regrets" by Lee Rosevere "The Secret to Growing Up" by Lee Rosevere See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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