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Sun and Moon

Episode: 16
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A BELIEVER PREQUEL: Set approximately 4 years before the events of season one, Lara pairs with Rose for the very first time in order to deal with an entity that’s been split into two. Deep in the Oregon Caves, Lara diligently applies scientific methods that never seem to stick, while at the Corwin Lake House, Rose attempts direct contact and finds much more than she anticipated. Can they solve the mystery and survive the night - without hating each other? 

The transcript for this episode is available here.

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  • Strong language
  • Loud, high-pitched sounds
  • Claustrophobia
  • Occultism, Devils, and Demons
  • Homophobia



Voice Performers

  • Mara Hernandez as Rose Boone
  • John Gifford as Ranger Nick
  • Julie Saunders as Lara Campbell

Production Crew

  • Written, directed, and produced by Julie Saunders
  • Sound design by David Weaver and Julie Saunders
  • “Believer Theme (Julie’s Melody)” composed by Aaron Ferenc

Music from Epidemic Sound: 

  • “Harlig Ar Jorden (Organ Version)” - Kurt Lyndon
  • “Heal With Me” - Jay Varton
  • “Praise the Fearful” - Christian Andersen
  • “The Perfectionist” - Brightarm Orchestra


Bible verses read by Max McLean, from The Listener’s Bible.

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