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31A-Viking Sagas: Odd Man Out

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The saga of the legendary Viking Arrow-Odd contains trolls, ogres, giants, magic arrows, and a sorceress getting smacked in the nose. The mistakes of one Viking's past...or just a Viking being a Viking, haunt him. There's a dangerous Viking teddy bear, and if an angry, famed warrior offers to show you his arrows up close, do not take him up on that offer. On the creature of the week, you'll see that when you're at the supermarket, someone might just secretly be a giant purple blob that lives in the river. Our sponsor: Audible The other sponsor: Lootcrate (don't forget the code "LEGENDS") Music: "Theme I" by Steve Combs and Delta Is "Sirian Star" by Ars SonorĀ  "Casual Uncertainties" by Gurdonark "Words Fall Apart (Instrumental)" by Josh Woodward "Scale-Free" by Oorlab "Buffering" by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots "Polar Vortex" by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots "Peekdoor Quest" by Rolemusic See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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