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223B-Samurai Legends: Dinner Party

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There's a killer on the loose in Kyoto. Young women are disappearing from the streets, never to be heard from again. Minamoto no Raikō, the legendary samurai, knows that it isn't merely a serial killer, but the demons. After he and other samurai like him drove the demons away, the began amassing in the far-off, desolate regions of Japan, but now they have a new leader: Shuten Doji, the drunken demon, a creature as smart as he is deadly. Raikō knows he can't face these oni alone, so he puts together a team of Japan's greatest warriors and together, just maybe, they'll have a chance. The creature is Angoulaffre of the Broken Teeth, great great great great (^10) grandson of Goliath and actually a pretty good governor. Store! https://myths.link/store Membership! https://www.mythpodcast.com/membership Twitter! https://myths.link/twitter -- Sponsors: Helix: Get $200 off yall mattress order and two free pillows at http://helixsleep.com/myths! KiwiCo: Get 30% off your first month plus free shipping on any crate line with code MYTHS at http://kiwico.com Check out Best Fiends (http://bestfiends.com) and June's Journey (http://junesjourney.com) on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Connect with your community by checking out Nextdoor by going to http://nextdoor.com/myths -- "Tapoco" by Blue Dot Sessions "Lunette Interlude" by Blue Dot Sessions "Machination" by Blue Dot Sessions "Systems" by Chad Crouch "Cirrostratus" by Chad Crouch "Epic Journey" by Valentina Gribanova See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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