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45-Rumpelstiltskin: Let's Make a Deal

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Three stories of people making deals. The first is from Japanese folklore, and it's about making the most of what you have...even when what you have is a dirty piece of straw and a fly friend. The second story is about a man who made a deal with the devil...and all the stupid (maybe brilliant?) decisions he made after that deal. The third story is that of Rumpelstiltskin, a weird little imp that might have been a hero if he didn't insist on purchasing humans. The creature of the week the poludnica, and she is looking out for you and your rights at work...violently. Sponsors: Check out that fresh, delicious goodness sent straight to your door. It's Blue Apron: http://www.blueapron.com/legends Like stories? Like listening? Like listening to stories? Check out audible (the book I mentioned was "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline): http://www.audible.com/myths Spiders...why'd it have to be spiders? (bit.ly/2cl1yyX) Music: "Wahre" by Blue Dot Sessions "Solemn Application" by Blue Dot Sessions "Roscoe" by Podington Bear "Micolai" by Blue Dot Sessions "Lost and Found" by Podington Bear "Lope and Shimmer" by Podington Bear "Lead Shroud" by Blue Dot Sessions "Giving Tree" by Podington Bear "Denouement" by Podington Bear "Bootstraps" by Podington Bear "Bambi" by Podington Bear See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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