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Bunker Down: Waking Up and Quarantine - M02E01 and E02

Episode: 8
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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In the first episode of our second miniseries Bunker Down, Dr. Katie Hall wakes up to a strange new world. Still on the Blue Planet, she learns that going to Mars wasn’t the only way to save humanity. In the second episode, Katie debates exploring the surface with IT expert Pete Brinkley.   Episode 1 Transcript Episode 2 Transcript *Content warnings listed below   CREDITS Eli Barraza as Katie Hall Dan Lovley as ANDI Sean Howard as Pete Brinkley Sam Boase-Miller as The Bot Written by Erik Saras and Seth Mlawski, with Dan Lovley Directed by Erik Saras and Dan Lovley All Audio Engineering by Brian Goodheart Music by Sam Boase-Miller Produced by Marsfall, LLC   Hear the rest of the series and support the show   Content Warning: Death or dying, violence, serious injury Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook: @marsfallpod Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/marsfallpodcast See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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