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Season 2, Episode 11: Confidence

Episode: 27
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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In the Husk finale, we have a face off in the ABI labs. Everything comes to the end and we find out what will happen to Dmitri. 

If you’ve loved Husk and are devastated that it’s over, never fear! We have another show already in the works. Stay subscribed to the Husk feed and you’ll get the latest about the new show and perhaps a few more Husk goodies on the way!

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Husk is written and co-created by Sean Abplanalp and Emma Brown. Associate Producer - Elliott Jacobson. 

Cast (In order of appearance):   

Dmitri: Sean Abplanalp

Henchmen: Michael Burles and Josh Paxton  

Rebecca: Emma Brown

Deborah: Jody Brassfield

Martin: Matt Woodman

Gina: Anita Clark

Warren: Duke Murrdodge

Olga and Nurse: Skye Stafford

Lyanna: Caitlyn Trullinger-Dwyer

Promo for Ignorance was Bliss at the end of the show!

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