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S4E4 - Blood and Dragons

Season: 4 Episode: 4
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As some of our heroes fight for their lives in the arena, the other seek to free the prisoners under the temple.   Assisted by tiny unlikely friends, they all work to escape while Eralin's secret is revealed finally in this episode.  One that was lost on an altar many years ago...

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JD Rose  Brian Dowling Corey Pfautsch Daniel Nichols Hayley Muñoz Joleen Fresquez Stormy Cone Rori Christenson Sondra Raby

Cast   ZORIN: Cody Miller DABRIA: JD Rose BENEDICT: Brian Dowling SOPHIE: Sarah Jenkins CORDELIA: Joleen Fresquez LORVANA: Kara Danvers UNA: Becky Atchley ARYAT: Daniel Nichols KOGYRUS: David Tilstra CHALKOS: Scott C Brown SKOTMIR: Colten Janssenn ZANE: Storm S Cone ERALIN: Jordan Thompson THOTMIR: Storm S Cone ANNOUNCER: Joshua Thomas DEKKION: Matthew Bianchi LORD PALLUS: Ian Wilkinson (Posthumous) SHARPTOOTH: Hayley Munoz AZURE: Heath Martin UNA'S PATRON: Shannon Roby KOBOLDS: Brad Colbrook, Shannon Roby, Patrick Mendelsohn, David Tilstra, Joleen Fresquez, Mike Atchley FURY: Barret Giant KELDOR: Mike Atchley

Produced and Directed by Mike Atchley

Recording Assistant Joleen Fresquez

Assistant Directors Corey Pfautsch and Brian Dowling

Original Music and Sound design by Mike Atchley.   "Dawn of Dragons" Theme by Daniel Nichols Monster Footsteps by JV Torres  All these and others used by permission.

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