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S3E10 - Applehead

Season: 3 Episode: 10
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In our Conclusion we will discover what has happened to Garnet Keep over the last 20 years.  

WARNING: This episode is emotionally powerful and deals with loss and pain of a parent.  Listener's discretion is advised.    Thanks to Haley Munoz, Daniel Nichols, Joleen Fresquez, Brian Dowling, Colin Holmes and Corey Pfautsch.

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| BENEDICT: Brian Dowling | CORDELIA: Joleen Fresquez - Twitter: @MsSpicyDinosaur Intstagram:https://www.instagram.com/missspicydinosaur/  | ELONA: Lesley Beckmann | KARAG: Matthew Bianchi - Twitter: @beeonkeyco | KELDOR: Mike Atchley  - Twitter: @mcstalkie | LORVANA: Kara Danvers | ORC1: Chris Herrerra | SKOTMIR: Colten Janssen | SOPHIE: Sarah Jenkins - @extrajenky | SPILGE: Robert Lighthall | ZANE: Storm S Cone | ZORIN: Cody Miller - Twitter: @CodyLMiller5

|| EXTRAS AND FOLEY|| - Tal Minear- https://talminear.com/ , Melissa Kersh, Heath Martin, Larissa Bishop, Chris Herrera, Abigail Richardson, Hannah Mullen, Matthew Bianchi, Mike Atchley, Joleen Fresquez, David Tilstra, Elric Timothy Atchison, | 

|| CREW || |Music/Production by Mike Atchley "Applehead" - Written and performed by Mike Atchley, Featuring Vocals by Becky Atchley. "The Fire" - Written and performed by Becky Atchley, Featuring Synth by Mike Atchley.

|Editing Assistants - Cody Miller, Jolene Fresquez

| Casting: Brian Dowling  | Cover Art - TikTok: underratedblobfish/ Instagram: emIllustration - https://www.instagram.com/emillustration.art/    

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