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Best Day Ever

Season: 1 Episode: 5
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Bet starts to find herself more and more comfortable in her identity as deaf and learns about an event that seems tailor-made for both her and David.

Content warnings: some strong language, depiction of OCD rituals, and mention of alcohol.

Transcript can be found here. (https://tinyurl.com/y2r8lesx) Transcripts are also available on our Twitter account.

Seen and Not Heard is written and directed by Caroline Mincks, with music by Gavin Crockett and sound design by Tal Minear.

This episode featured the voices of Chad Brockbrader as James, Sena Bryer as Elaine, Cole Burkhardt as Greer, Danyelle Ellet as the Interviewer, Adelaide Gardner as Jane, Leslie Gideon as Sarah, Steven Goldman as Joe, Eleanor Grey as Kit, Daisy Guevara as Ivy, Cassie Josephs as Cara, Sean Lenhart as David, Caroline Mincks as Bet, Kyle Rhys-Marsh as Matt and Ron, and Marnie Warner as the Newscaster.

Special thanks to Riley C.J. Kenway and Evan Tess Murray for their consultation on this script.

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Seen and Not Heard is produced in central Virginia on unceded Appomatuk territory.

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