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Alert | Great & Terrible

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Please consider voting for Great & Terrible in the 2021 Audio Verse Awards here.

Alert | Great & Terrible | A high-school student stumbles upon an ancient curse that grants immortality — but there’s a catch — every full moon she must kill someone — anyone! — or she’ll die.

A. R. Olivieri writes, directs, & produces Great & Terrible.

Leslie Gideon acts as “Jane.”

Sarah Rhea Werner acts as “Mom.”

Jordan Cobb acts as “Ms. Fry.”

Jamie Killen acts as “Meg.”

Raul Vega acts as “Bricks.”

Brett Halvorson acts as “Steve.”

Lucille Valentine acts as “Haley.”

Em Mantoani acts as “Murphy.”

J. V. Hampton Van-Sant acts as “Detective Gabriel.”

Caroline Mincks acts as “Lacie.”

Lee Rosevere Music creates the soundscapes.

FreeSound.org provides all foley & sound design.

Great & Terrible is an ongoing series, but there’s more micros! Try 2298, Magic King Dom, LIMBO, or The Easiest of All the Hard Things at www.AROLIVIERI.com.

Read the transcript here.

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