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Legs of Sand, written by John Bell

Episode: 21
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Join us for a short story as we take a walk on the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas with our friend John Bell. 

John Bell is also the producer, writer, and talent on his own podcast, which is called Bell’s in the Batfry, which can be found online. It is a delightful and family-friendly mix of -  in the words of John Bell, “comedy, satire, oddness, songs, and just plain wackiness.” I can promise you that you won’t find anything more original or just plain fun anywhere else online!  To listen online, go to https://thebatfry.com/

John Bell has been working in radio since 1977 and he’s won many local, regional, and national awards for his various radio ads over the years. He’s active and performs in community theater. He also appears in other audio dramas on the Mutual Audio Drama Network, which is the prime online curator for modern audio drama and podcast fiction. They offer a wide variety of stories in the audio dramatic and podcast fiction universe. When you go to Mutual Audio Network, check out the “Friday Follies” section where you can find John's latest episode of Bell's in the Batfy. Listen at  https://www.mutualaudionetwork.com/

I was fortunate enough to meet John through Amazon Creation Exchange and was even luckier that he has been the narrator of my Fallen Angels detective series. If you would like a free copy of one of my audiobooks featuring John as the narrator, send me an email requesting the free audiobook to: cathy@widowmakerindustries.com  

We are always looking for our next writer of short fiction to feature on the podcast! Head on over to www.thehiddengemspodcast.com to submit your short story of 5,000 words or less and see what magic John can create with your story!     

For more information on my books, check at my website at https://cmacklewis.com/

Thank you so much for listening to The Hidden Gems Podcast.


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