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Overcast 154: Migration by Laura Garrity

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Migration by Laura Garrity. Narrated by Laura English. Hosted by J.S. Arquin.  #fantasy #fiction #dinosaurs


Then I heard it on the wind, a formless sound, like when thunder rolled through and echoed against the hills surrounding the valley.  I saw a dark cloud on the horizon, but of course it wasn’t a cloud.    “Leila,” I whispered.

She must have heard it in my voice, because she came around the side of the enclosure with her hand on her gun.  “What is it?”

I was frozen and all I could do was point to the dark swirling spot in the sky that seemed twice as close as it had only a second ago.

“Come on,” she hissed and grabbed my arm.  To my surprise she started to pull me back toward the crop enclosure. 

“We need to get to the house!” I protested.  “Forget the corn!”

“No time.”  She started to pry apart that loose corner that I hadn’t finished fortifying, and pulled the mesh wide enough for me to crawl in.  She pressed the toolbox into my hands.  “Go!”



Laura Garrity is a writer from Connecticut.  She is a member of the Fairfield County Writers Group and The Written Word at the MAC.  Her short story The Lodger was recently published in the anthology Call of the Wyld. Find her on Twitter @ms_laurabean or Instagram @garrity_laura.



Laura English has lived in Connecticut for most of her life. She cannot remember when she was not reading and discovered audiobooks when convalescing from a minor illness. It was at this time Laura knew, one day, she would become an audiobook narrator! Life got busy. She worked for over 15 years with a guide dog foundation but volunteered as a reader for the blind.... paving her path to this goal. Now as a full-time narrator bringing words to life for Connecticut residents at CRIS Radio she feels blessed with her professional journey. She launched her audiobook narration business in late 2019. Her goal is to work fulltime for herself within the next two years. Outside the studio, Laura will be found outdoors; kayaking, hiking, or cycling. She also volunteers with a variety of organizations. She and her husband have two (semi-grown) children, three dogs, two cats, and a 27-year-old parrot named Dean Koontz, who is somewhat skilled at voice-work himself! Find her at https://www.lauraenglishvo.com/

and on Twitter and Instagram @lauraenglishvo.


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