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Overcast 129: Good Neighbors by Frank Oreto

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Good Neighbors by Frank Oreto. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. Featuring an afterword recorded by Frank Oreto.


"You remember Frank Graves, used to live down at 1523 ... All this woodworking stuff—joinery, carving. I sort of got it from him. So did Joe Hecher, Phil Mackey, and a few other guys on the block.”

"What? He was giving lessons from the gazebo?" asked Jacob, with a laugh.

"No, not lessons. It wasn't like that. You see… I kind of..." Ed blew out a sigh and tried again. "All right, I know how to do the stuff Frank did, but he didn't teach it to me."

"Okay fine, so how did you learn it?"

 "Well Jacob, here it is. I know how to build a table and inlay floors because when Frank Graves passed away—" Ed took a deep breath and looked Jacob straight in the eye. "I ate him.”


Frank Oreto is an editor and writer of weird fiction living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. When not writing new stories, he spends his time cooking up elaborate meals for his wife and perpetually hungry children. You can follow his exploits both literary and culinary on Twitter @FrankOreto.


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