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308: Binty

Season: 3 Episode: 8
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After taking us on a journey with her family across continents and languages, our narrator, Binty, finally tells her story in this season finale episode.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening to this very special season. Our team worked tirelessly for 8 months on this international season, and it was the first time we worked in Arabic! We recommend you listen to the other versions of this series, in Spanish, French and Arabic on our website: ochentastudio.com/mija-podcast to continue your listening journey with Mija while we prepare more stories of love and family in the coming months. Leave us a comment on Apple Podcasts if you liked this season and of course, follow us @mijapodcast and @ochentapodcasts on Instagram and twitter for the latest from our team!

CREDITS: This podcast was produced by Studio Ochenta. Story by Rana Abdelhamid and Mona Elboghdadi. Creative Director and Executive Producer, Lory Martínez. Senior Fiction Producer Maru Lombardo. Assistant producer: Zeina Abouelmakarem. Associate Producers: Rebecca Seidel and Fady Samy Tosson. Original theme song by Gabriel Dalmasso. Sound Editors: Luis Raul Lopez Levi and Maru Lombardo. Special thanks to Sadia Azmats and Alya Mooro who advised us on the Arab/Egyptian-Londoner experience. In English, Mija was voiced by Rana Abdelhamid. Rana is also the Founder and ED of a nonprofit organization called Malikah, which runs a self-defense, financial literacy and healing justice program building safety and power for women around the world. You can learn more and support their work at www.malikah.org. Our graphic designer for this season was Sebastián Márquez. Follow us @mijapodcast.

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