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Monstica- Episode 5 - My Heart Ghost Out To You

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Episode Notes

TW: Brief mention of outdated gay terms/Homophobic terms

CW: M/M, Anal, Romance

Transcripts: https://fhpodcast.wixsite.com/monstica/scripts

Website: https://fhpodcast.wixsite.com/monstica Twitter: https://twitter.com/Monsticapod https://www.patreon.com/Monstica

Flirty Fawn: https://twitter.com/FlirtyFawn696 soundgasm.net/u/FlirtyFawn696

Splathousefic as Casper and Johnny Creme_Chu as Emily And SukebanchoR18 as Penis/Dude with talking Penis

Podcast Art by Awmanawjeez Edited by Drippydreamz Written and Sound Designed by Chelsea

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