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Overcast 138: Dark Satanic Mills by Fraser Sherman

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Dark Satanic Mills by Fraser Sherman. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. Featuring an afterword recorded by Fraser Sherman. #fantasy #humor #Satan #entertainment #magazines


“You know, Bryce, I think you're right.” My boss smiled sweetly as her conjured shark-demon shot across the conference table and bit down on Bryce Jordan's crotch. “I really am a castrating bitch, aren't I?

“Walker, my coffee?”

“Right here, Ms. DeMarco.” Knowing my coworkers would spot any sign of weakness, I tried to look blasé about Bryce sliding to the floor, clutching his groin. Cerise Walker, sophisticated New Yorker, that's me. “Absolutely no fair-trade beans, skim milk, one-and-a-half sugar cubes.”

“Do you think I forgot?” She raised one perfectly arched eyebrow as I handed her the porcelain cup. “You think I'm losing it, is that what you're saying?”

“No!” I backed away — not that distance would save me — and plastered my best sucking-up smile onto my face. “Gosh no, you're the best magazine editor —”

“That's right, I am.”


Although England-born, Fraser Sherman would still be living in the Florida Panhandle (long story) if he hadn’t met his dream woman in 2008. They now live together in Durham, NC with the two most adorable dogs in the world and a semi-stray cat. Fraser has been a reporter for several papers, written articles for Newsweek, Boys’ Life and Law Enforcement Technology and had more than two dozen short stories published. He’s written five books about movies, starting with Cyborgs, Santa Claus and Satan. Find him online at: https://Frasersherman.com


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