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Overcast 77: At First Sight by M. Luke McDonell

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At First Sight by M. Luke McDonell.  Narrated by J.S. Arquin.  Featuring an afterword by M. Luke McDonell.  #SciFi #podcast #fiction #augmentedreality #dating


"Adeline was sure she'd finally perfected the "First Date" setting on her glasses.  +7 Brightness to counteract the dim lighting in bars, -4 Contrast or else faces became cartoony, and +2 Smoothing.  She didn't want her dates to look waxy, however, a little forgiveness went a long way and she didn't want to write off a nice, funny guy because of acne scars.  

She wasn't sure what setting to use now though, because she wasn't sure this was a first date." 


San Francisco-based M. Luke McDonell is a visual designer by day, and a writer by night.  Her five-minutes-into-the-future studies explore the effects of emerging technologies on human relations.  When not writing or hiking San Francisco's many hills, Merin helps run SomaFM, a commercial-free, listener-supported internet radio station, and produces podcasts for SF in SF, a monthly event featuring science fiction and fantasy authors reading and discussing their work.  You can find her short stories in "Shoreline of Infinity" and "Perihelion."  Catch up to her online at www.mlukemcdonell.com   


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