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Exoplanetary 004 - The Monk Who Fell to Earth

Season: 1 Episode: 4
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Brother Dustin Wolverton, monk of the 26th Century, is sent to the long-abandoned planet Earth in hopes of reclaiming  the now-viable wilderness for the benefactors of his sect, the supercorporation known as Exoplanetary. His cohort, a sarcastic android cleric named Mother Invention, is sworn to protect him, but she doesn't like his chances against the Barbarian Women of the Forest or the half-crazed old man who yells at them all from his shack at the top of the hill.

Bobby Eversmann as Brother Dustin
Stephanie Leet as Mother Invention
Firiel Elliott as Marge, The One True Queen of the Forest
Brooke Higgins as Sonja, The Other True Queen of the Forest
Alicia Hueni and Melissa Schenter as the Warrior Women
and Bill Terry as Brother Kermit

Original Music provided by Jacob Jansen
Musical Direction by Melissa Schenter

This play, the characters, situations, and associated intellectual property © 2014-2017 C. Christopher Hart, all rights reserved.

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