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Deathscribe - 'Earwigs' & Interview with Ele Matelan

Episode: 433
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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This week, we play 2015’s winning piece for Deathscribe, a horror radio play competition put on by Wildclaw Theatre in Chicago -- later in the show, I'll talk with Wildclaw company member, Foley artist, and friend of the show Ele Matelan. She's great, and she wants you to scare the crap out of her with your own Deathscribe play! Check that out here:

The feature: "Earwigs". Written by Joseph Zettelmaier, directed by Sara Sevigny, starring Robyn Coffin and Jennifer Santanello, and featuring Foley work by Ele Matelan and Jeffrey Gardner.

Content warning: spooky business, jump scares, swear words, body horror, bad relationships

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