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103-Middle Eastern Folklore: Shipshape

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A story about a king and his garden...that somehow turns into a story with genies, witches, boats full of male models, guys getting boiled alive, angry kitties, and secret agent mice. It's the story of the bronze ring, as collected by Scottish writer Andrew Lang. The creature this time just wants to pop on by your hut for a beer and maybe turn you into an undying goblin. Because he likes you so much. --- Sponsors: Don't forget to watch Krypton March 21st at 10pm (9pm Central) on Syfy! Check out http://www.linkedin.com/myths for $50 off your first job posting. Post your job where 22 million professionals go weekly. People matter: choose LinkedIn --- Fictional on Apple Podcasts: http://apple.fictional.fm Fictional on Stitcher: http://stitcher.fictional.fm Fictional on Spotify: http://spotify.fictional.fm --- Music: "Cicle Ariel" by Blue Dot Sessions "Nuthatch" by Blue Dot Sessions "The Molerat" by Blue Dot Sessions "Lime Beat" by Podington Bear "Lamb" by Podington Bear "Two Faces" by Podington Bear "Soldier's Story" by Podington Bear "Smack" by Podington Bear See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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