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Krampusnacht with Kessi

Season: 2 Episode: 7
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This week is not an episode of the White Vault. This is an interview episode with the voice of Dr. Karina Schumacher-Weiß, Kessi Riliniki! The White Vault will return on January 8th. Thank you for your understanding that as a two-person podcast team we need a brief holiday break.   In this episode we discuss the origins of the Krampus mythos, Wolpertingers, Bavarian Folklore, discovering black doors in basements, and haunted board games in floorboards.   Links: Himalaya - A fantastic Podcasting App. Download it and subscribe to The White Vault Dark Dice - The Cast and Crew of the White Vault play Dungeons and Dragons Counterbalance - A new fantasy podcast by Kessi Our Patreon Page - Where we'll be releasing the White Ault - You're already on it! Wolpertingers - An 11th Hour Productions story by Kessi A Date With Uncle Wiggly - A horror story we inspired OBDsity - Bunnies in a Bun Dance (Kessi's page with cute bunny pictures)

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