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Promo: Heirs of the Pandavas

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I have written and narrated a new podcast for Wyn Studio. Inspired by great Hindu epics and hitherto unexplored aspects of Indian mythology, 'Heirs of the Pandavas' is a medieval fantasy action-adventure brought to life with amazing cinematic soundscapes.

Here is a promo featuring an excerpt and details about where you can listen to the show. Details at www.indiannoir.com and @indiannoir on both twitter and instagram.


Several centuries have passed since the great Battle of Kurukshetra. The tales of valour and bravery and the triumph of good over evil from that time of gods and mighty warriors are just that…tales. Stories parents tell their children to instil bravery in them for they live in a cruel world. No avatar protects the lands of Bharat, as evil in the form of demons, sorcerers, bandits and despotic rulers and all manners of creatures that dwell in the darkness of hell are unleashed upon its innocent denizens.  

2 souls walk this hell on earth. A brother and a sister, a warrior monk and a ranger, born in the lineage of Shatanika, one of the sons of the mighty Pandavas. They are on a quest to erase a curse upon their family. Nothing about this adventure will be easy. Heirs of The Pandavas is a WYN Studio production.

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