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Join The Party! - 'Wedding Party VI'

Episode: 489
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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This week, we're playing an episode of the roleplaying podcast Join the Party, a hybrid actual-play and audio drama by some talented producers and performers out of New York. Gather round the table and get immersed in DM Eric's tale of the Concentric States. Inara, Johnny, and TR8C must be fleet of foot and quick of wit to catch up with the Red Throat gang, who have captured the beloved Prince Alonzo!

Actual-play RPG podcasts have spiked in popularity recently, and I wanted to highlight a successful and compelling one. Join the Party uses collaborative storytelling and imaginative game mechanics to help produce something new, interesting, and exciting.

More Join The Party links:

- patreon: patreon.com/jointhepartypod

- twitter: twitter.com/jointhepartypod

- facebook: facebook.com/jointhepartypod

- instagram: instagram.com/jointhepartypod

- tumblr: jointhepartypod.tumblr.com

- merch: jointhepartypod.com/merch

Cast & Crew

- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

- TR8c (Tracey): Brandon Grugle

- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

- multitude: multitude.productions

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