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Book 1, Chapter 8: Through the Jump Relay

Season: 1 Episode: 8
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The colonials of the 443rd adjust to their new conditions. Tensions in the Gerlian System come to head when Director Tetzi arrives at the station. Captain Landris faces the reality of his situation, leaving Kron and Elona struggling to keep up with the changes. Tygg receives new orders as Tetzi calculates her next move in the Frontier.



Sean Moran as Lt. Saranus Kron

Jill Baumgarner as Dr. Elona Zoren

Ben Valdmets as Cpt. Mor Landris

Colton Kidd as Cmdr. Strakker Tygg

Kathryn Austin as Director Arla Tetzi

Emily Hammer as Queen Jedora

Claudine Lucena as Rider

Nathaniel Hailu as Corvan, Additional Voices

Max Robertson as Oddie Konidarian

Miles Ledbetter as Flight Officer Drejen

Mark Stelter as Communications Officer Delerev

A.R. Mendez as Colonial Sergeant

Blaze Ferguson as Dr. Torrell

Olivia Kidd as Control

Chad Boshers as Additional Voices

Gabriel Alvarez as Narrator, Ben Osborn, Prince Ol'ken, Additional Voices

Guest Appearance by Phill Usher (of Aethuran: Dark Saga and The Damned Caravan) as Deputy Director Narn

Guest Appearance by Randy Greer (of Black Star Chronicles and The Culling) as Command


Executive Producers: Rachel Weiss, Greg Schiurring

Written by: Gabriel Alvarez

Directed by: Gabriel Alvarez

Sound Design by: Gabriel Alvarez

Music by: Gabriel Alvarez

Produced by: Gabriel Alvarez


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