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123-Dark Tower: Directions

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A game turns dark as a child disappears. Her brothers must follow her into a land that's like a mirror image of our own to get her back from the king who lives in the dark tower. Oh and also Merlin is barely any help at all. The creature this time is the ilomba, from Zambia, and it's a terrible reason to collect your fingernail clippings. -- Sponsors: I've been a fan of Simplisafe for as long as I've been a customer - over two years now. Check them out at http://www.simplisafe.com/legends Casper is the most comfortable mattress I've ever used. I did the math - you spend a quarter million hours on your mattress over your life, you should be comfortable. Check out http://www.casper.com/legends, offer code LEGENDS for fifty dollars off your mattress purchase. -- The Stephen King Quote: https://blogs.loc.gov/catbird/2017/08/how-did-stephen-king-to-the-dark-tower-come-through-robert-brownings-childe-roland/ -- See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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