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23-Cupid and Psyche: Burned

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In this famous story from Greek Mythology, we'll meet Cupid (not a baby), as he accidentally nicks himself with his own arrow. In a podcast episode that is  like the movie "Mean Girls" with a trip to the Greek underworld, you'll see why it is against the law to harbor someone who's prettier than a goddess. The creature of the week is a forest creature that operates on a very annoying wood chip economy. Become a member Say Hi on Twitter Find the show on iTunes The bag of dirt Music: "Sonar Despierto" by Zifhang "Sidecar" by Podington Bear "The Vault" by Trigg & Gusset "The Coil Winds" by Blue Dot Sessions "Transmogrify" by Podington Bear "Here is Now" by Ketsa "Trellis" by Podington Bear See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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