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SONIC SUMMERSTOCK 2021: Escape "The Derelict"

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ESCAPE: The Derelict

Recently released on the Mutual Audio Network's Sonic Summerstock Playhouse, the Narada Radio Company presents their re-imagining of "The Derelict", an episode of the OTR series ESCAPE, first aired in 1953. Originally set in one of Earth's oceans, director Pete Lutz picked up our castaways and placed them in outer space. Listen as one woman and three men survive the destruction of their spacecraft and take refuge on a deserted, ancient rocketship. Once onboard, personalities collide and tempers flare after the discovery of an abandoned treasure.


ANNOUNCERS: Jason D. Johnson, Pete Lutz

CORA: Kristy Glick

KEETMAN: Karim C. Kronfli

MIKE: Larry Groebe

LU WA: Pete Lutz

COMMERCIAL: Mrs. Holepuncher

Music by Dr. Ross Bernhardt

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