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I Fell in Love with the Brain That Wouldn't Die! - Transmission 3

Season: 1 Episode: 6
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Jan has lost her body in a car wreck. While her mad scientist boyfriend searches for the perfect new body, he leaves her in the care of his nebbish lab assistant, Kurt, never imagining that the two would be heading towards love—or something just as dangerous. A reimagining of the classic drive-in film The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.


Content Warning: This episode contains mature themes and a scene of violence. It is not recommended for children under 13. Parental discretion is advised.


Lost Signal Society








Jan– Christa Pagliei

Kurt – Michael Augustine Dondero

Bill – Kevin Moogan


Written by Michael Augustine Dondero


Inspired by characters from the film The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, written by Joseph

Green and Rex Carlton


Produced by Michael Augustine Dondero and Christa Pagliei


Lost Signal Society Theme Song by Ryan Beppel



“Creepy Background Music” by Zg444



“Sound In Space is a cheesy name” by gis_sweden



“Creepy or Suspenseful Ambience” by Akemov

This piece has been edited for length



“Creepy Sounds” by LimitSnap_Creations



“Ominous Background” by Zat_Dude



“Creepy Whispering” by Raspberry Tickle



“Frantic Violin Screech” by Devilfish101



“The Graveyard” by Loyalty Freak Music



“Plush Organ Ending” by Keshco




“Egyptian Discovery” by gsb1039





Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com under the Creative Commons 0, Creative Commons 1.0 Universal License, Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License, or Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-ShareAlike International


“Radio tuning between stations, static 2”

“Radio static, as if lost good signal 1”

“Science fiction radio static, receiver”

“Radio switch on, receive static then off”

“Underwater, Dribbles, Small Puddle, Stereo Hydrophone” – Contributed by Articulated

“Knocking hard on solid glass door”

“Footsteps walking down wooden stairs, recorded underneath in cupboard”

“Door latch lock, click”

“Door opening – wooden internal door opened 2”

“Wooden internal door close, bang 4”

“Footsteps walking up wooden stairs, recorded underneath in cupboard”

“Front door handle movements 1”

“Haunted house door, squeaky, creaky, slow, horror” – Contributed by Audio Hero

“Old glass panelled front door close”

“Stacked small plates movement”

“Transition, Vocal, Whoosh, Swoosh, Swish, Flashback, Fast, Scary, Sharp Attack, Horror, SciFi” - Contributed by Bottle Rocket

“Sound design, medium pitched buzz, psychotic”

“Radio static, interference while tuning (long)”

“Radio tuning between stations, static 2”

“Footsteps walking up wooden stairs, slight reverb”

“Cups and cutlery movements in bowl of water, washing up”

“Radio static, interference while tuning”

“Wooden chair drag on hard, tiled floor 2”

“Stool drag along hard kitchen floor 2”

“Cork pull out of wine bottle 4”

“Champagne pour into wine glass 2” – Contributed by Martinimeniscus

“Wine bottle place down on table 2”

“Car, SUV, approach, slowly on gravel track then engine off, Holden Captiva”

“Car door close, internal, Toyota Corolla 1”

“Front door open, internal”

“Internal door close gentle 1”

“Footsteps up old wooden staircase in farm house”

“Human body impact, could be punch or head being slammed on surface with male groan” – Contributed by John J

“Heavy punches x 7” – Contributed by Foley Walkers

“Stool drag along hard kitchen floor 3”

“Wooden chair drag on hard, tiled floor 2”

“Body fall on cement 1” – Contributed by Foley Walkers

“Impact, thud, wood with metal fragments” – Contributed by SoundBits

“Thunder 002”


Very Special Thanks To:

Ryan Beppel


Special Thanks to: Kevin Moogan, Lauren Colbert, Mariano Henestrosa, the Dondero Family, the Pagliei Family, Cayanne Merrill, and the cast and crew of the film The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.


Lost Signal Society was created by Christa Pagliei and Michael Augustine Dondero


-Catch the Signal-



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