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Rosedale Pub- Genius Loci

Episode: 56
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Surprise! This isn't a bonus episode, but this is usually an off week for the Alien Beer Podcast. Next week, on May 15th, 2021, the last episode of The Multiverse Blues will air. On that same day, the paperback and ebook versions of that saga will be released on Amazon! So, to get you ready for the transition to a new story, I thought I'd air this, the first episode of Rosedale Pub.

Rosedale is a pub between the worlds, a liminal place where travelers from anywhere in the multiverse may rest and mingle. The Road outside, as Bilbo Baggins knows, can go anywhere, and you have to be careful when you set your feet upon it, because who knows where you'll end up. Only thing for sure is, at the Rosedale Pub, you'll hear travelers' tales.  This first episode is an introduction to that place. So pull up a barstool and have a drink. All are welcome at the Rosedale!

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