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Chapter 5 | The New Dawn

Season: 1 Episode: 5
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Allister and Arianna finally meet, now Agent Grayson must accept her fate and begin her new life. Cast List Allister Connacher - Alexander Doddy Arianna Grayson - Katte Noel Carl Ambrose - Eric Hollaway LaRissa Cantello - Rita De La Torre Agent Spinks - Ashley Aishwarya Agent Dix - JC De La Torre Ghostly Ancestor - - Melanie Scroggins MC - Kevin Oakley Soerberg - - JC De La Torre Written, Produced and Directed by JC De La Torre Edited by JC and Rita De La Torre Music by Midnight Syndicate Sound FX from http://freesounds.org/ (FreeSounds.org) and utilized under the Creative Commons 0 License, Soundly and also Audioblocks. Copyright 2019 Transmissions From Atlantis Entertainment Find out more about Vampires of White Chapel at http://vampiresofwhitechapel.transmissionsfromatlantis.com/ (http://vampiresofwhitechapel.transmissionsfromatlantis.com) Support our Patreon at http://patreon.com/TFAEntertainment (http://patreon.com/TFAEntertainment) Join the discussion of Vampires of White Chapel on our https://discord.gg/u2ruxdN (Official Discord Channel)

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