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Strangers In Strange Places

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This episode is a 5 part special for Listen Rinse Repeat - a podcast consisting of 20 second minisodes for folks to wash their hands too. It's geared a little more towards kids than usual episodes of Sidequesting, but I promise it's still a fun listen for adults.

Credits: This episode was written and produced by Tal Minear. Rion was voiced by Tal Minear (they/them). Basil was voiced by Sable Smith (they/them). The Wizard was voiced by David Hanna (he/him). The Student was voiced by Brad Colbroock (they/them).

Transcript: BASIL: Thank you for coming, Rion! I’m missing my favorite scarf again, and I can’t find it anywhere.

RION: It’s no problem at all, Basil. It’s not the scarf you’re wearing right now, is it?

BASIL: Oh no, this is my backup scarf.

RION: I should have known. Oh, it’s also not the one on your cat?

BASIL: [confused] There it is!! But… I don’t have a cat.

[SFX: Cat meow]

[SFX: Cat shapeshifts into a person.]

WIZARD: I’m sorry for borrowing your scarf, I get really cold when I’m a cat, for some reason.

RION: But, why were you a cat? And why were you in Basil’s house?

WIZARD: Well, I’m a wizard. My specialty is transformation, you see. I’m here because one of my students accidentally got turned into a rat.

RION: Okay I have some more questions.

BASIL: How did one of your students turn into a rat??

WIZARD: I was teaching magic and a spell went haywire. Students know these things happen, but it’s hard to stay calm when you’re suddenly a rat, you know?

BASIL: I suppose they scampered in here and you followed them?

WIZARD: Yep, I turned myself into a cat to keep up with them. I didn’t catch them, but I did see where they went. Can I search your pantry?

BASIL: Uh, sure?

[SFX: Pantry door opens, rat squeaks]

WIZARD: There you are… Basil, could you hold them in place? Great, thank you. Here we go!

[SFX: Rat turns into a human]


RION: Uh, you were a rat?


RION: I think it was a mis-aimed spell by your classmate?

STUDENT: This does NOT answer my question?! Who turned me into a rat? Was it Callum???

WIZARD: You know I can’t tell you-

STUDENT: [interrupting] Yep, it was Callum. [to Basil/Rion] Excuse me, I have some revenge to take.

[SFX: Angry footsteps away]

WIZARD: Excuse me, I have some revenge to stop. Thanks for your help, here’s something for your trouble.

[SFX: Hurried footsteps away]

RION: Good luck!

BASIL: Look, the wizard gave me a crystal ball! This will help me next time I lose something!

RION: Yeah, unless you lose the crystal ball!

TAL: This episode of Listen, Rinse, Repeat was written and produced by Tal Minear. The Student was voiced by Brad Colbroock, the Wizard was voiced by David Hanna, Rion was voiced by Tal Minear, and Basil was voiced by Sable Smith.

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