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ALGIERS (Lux Radio Theatre remake) - Sonic Summerstock 2021

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SONIC SUMMERSTOCK PLAYHOUSE 2021: Algiers, from Lux Radio Theatre

Director Pete Lutz presents an extended adaptation of Lux Radio Theatre’s ALGIERS - the story of French jewel thief Pepe Le Moko, who evades capture by hiding in plain sight, in the maze-like Casbah district. When he meets the beautiful Gabrielle, he begins to hate his surroundings — and realizes that he has made his own prison within these ancient walls.


Announcer: Darren Rockhold

Hedy Lamarr/Gaby: Victoria Fancki

Charles Boyer/Pepe Le Moko: Pete Lutz

Slimane: Les Marsden

DeMille: Joe Martinez

Prefect of Police: Pete Lutz

Ines: Jessica Mathews

Regis: Dana Gonsalves

Grandpere: Paul Arbisi

Janvier: John Bell

Andre: Carl Yowell

L'Arbi and Maxim: Gareth Severn

Carlos: Jason D. Johnson

Marie: Aileen Corpos

Pierrot: Rachel Pulliam

Aicha: Dawn Robertson

Additional voices were provided by Geri Elliff, Kendra Murray, and members of the cast.

Music by Dr. Ross Bernhardt

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