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35-Beauty and the Beast: Prisoners

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This is not the Beauty and the Beast you've heard. It's not even the story the one you've heard is based on. That one is a super-pared-down version of an 18th century French novella. The original contains way too much description about fairy politics and power structures, 18th century Pandora, and an idea for a "Downton Abbey" reboot...with monkeys. The creature of the week is Papa Bois, from Trinidad and Tobago. He will show you why regular exercise and a balanced diet of strangers lost in the forest will keep you healthy well into old age. Our super-awesome sponsor: Loot Crate (don't forget the code Legends) The other awesome sponsor: Casper. All that in the ad was true. These things are amazing. Find the show on iTunes The discussion post with all the fun links Music: "March" by Kai Engel "Train" by Sergey Cheremisinov "Usless Confusion" by much, "Comet Trails" by Moon "She Does Her Best (feat. Small Colin)" by Six Umbrellas "Falling into You" by Little Glass Men "Captain Socrates" by Nihilore "Everest" by Scott Holmes "Stay 17" by Peter Rudenko "Todas las promesas" by Gumbel "Space(Outro)" by Andy G. Cohen "Breeeze" by Jelsonic "Dizzy Spells - Instrumental" by Josh Woodward "Midnight Undercover" by Jelsonic "Seasong" by Jelsonic See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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