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TAH Returns! A Word from Acker & Blacker

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Ben Acker & Ben Blacker, co-creators and writers of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, are dropping into the feed for a very special announcement... THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR IS RETURNING TO YOUR PODCAST AIRWAVES!

Starting Monday October 29th 2018, The Thrilling Adventure Hour will be releasing brand new in-studio episodes, produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network. Plus hidden gems From the Vault!

To support this endeavor, we've started a Thrilling Adventure Hour Patreon, where subscribers (that's you) can get access to the full back catalog, complete libraries of classic segments, and bonus content for only $5/month! All funds generated by your generous contributions will be used to cover the costs of the new episodes and to ensure that the cast, writers, and engineers are compensated fairly: https://www.patreon.com/thrillingadventurehour

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