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S2 Prologue 3 - Anchors Away

Season: 2
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Wake up with Haven Hollow's favorite morning crew on Good Morning, Haven Hollow!

The Atomic Library is a scripted podcast following the staff of the Orson Welles Community Library of Haven Hollow, TX (home of the 1995 Most Okayest Rest Stop), five years after the "Allpocalypse."

Listen all the way through for a promo from Associates Anonymous and a bonus bit where Lara has trouble getting through her lines.



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Transcripts are available at www.TheAtomicLibrary.com 


Chriss Chaney: Show announcer, ad voiceover

Lara Tabri: Mindy Michaelson

Aleya Stone: Cindy Michaelson

Rebecca Hale: Lindy Michaelson

Atomic Library theme composed and performed by Jarren Chaney

This podcast uses music and sounds from Freesound.org

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