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11-Japanese Fairy Tales: Key Details (Urashima Taro, The Boy Who Drew Cats)

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These are two stories from Japanese fairy tales. I don't want to ruin them, so I can't say too much, but they are amazing. One is about a boy who draws pictures of cats, much to the detriment of his job and a ridiculous amount of ancient books. The other story is about a kind fisherman who saves a turtle and has his whole world turned upside down. On the creature of the week, it's a naked guy who, if he helps you, just thank him and be on your way. Seriously, who cares if he could have cut the grass more? He did it for free, and it's not worth losing your legs over. Patreon! Patreon! Say hi on Facebook Find the show on iTunes Songs: "Tech Toys" by Lee Rosevere "Ending" by Tadd Euro "Baby Monster" by Music for your Media "Scary Chimes Loop" by Chrisoph Schade Composer "All In All (No Voices)" by VYVCH See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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