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Eastwood Fergusan (Part 1) - No World For Guys Like Us - Transmission 2

Episode: 4
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Vampire rock stars? Not if Dr. Eastwood Fergusan has anything to say about it.

In this week’s episode, a washed-up monster hunter can’t seem to keep up in a world enamored of the Undead. To make matters worse, his greatest nemesis is back from beyond the grave.


Lost Signal Society








Dr. Eastwood Fergusan – Michael Alexander

Count Calverius – Ryan Snanoudj

Emilia/Mary Ann – Christa Pagliei

Edgar Hamlin/Doc – Max Cooper

Cab Driver – Kevin Moogan

Terror Dactil – Herself

Rapt the Rapper/Rock Radio Host – John Martorelli

Valerio – Foggy Moors


Written by Michael Augustine Dondero

Produced by Michael Augustine Dondero and Christa Pagliei

Theme Song by Ryan Beppel



“In The World Theme”

Composed and Performed by Ryan Beppel


“Dead but Not Gone”

Lyrics by Michael Augustine Dondero

Music by Michael Augustine Dondero and Ryan Beppel

Performed by Ryan Beppel and Christa Pagliei


“Terror Dactil Shred”

Written and Performed by Ryan Beppel


“Soulless is My Soulful Heart”

Lyrics by Michael Augustine Dondero

Music by Michael Augustine Dondero and Ryan Beppel

Performed by Ryan Beppel



Composed by Headphaze



“Jump Scare Sounds and Music”

Composed by Micronmark




Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com under the Creative Commons 0, Creative Commons 1.0 Universal License, or Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License


“Radio switch on, receive static then off”

“Mexico City ambience with rain and thunder” – contributed by Felix Blume

“Car, SUV, door close, external 2”

“Car drive slowly in traffic jam in rain, internal”

“Car, SUV, door close, external 1”

“Rain hitting umbrella, windy”

“Hatch style door (wooden) opened then closed”

“Footsteps, female, stiletto heels on wood floor, walk slow 2” – contributed by            Glitchedtones

“Bunch of keys drop on floor (inside) 1”

“Keys unlocking wooden door (recorded from inside, slight room reverb)”

“House front door close carefully, gently”

“Cat meowing, 3 versions” – contributed by Audio Hero

“Cat Meow, hungry” – contributed by Blastwave FX

“New York City ambience, people, occasional traffic pass on cobbled road” – contributed by Freetousesounds

“Street environment, ambience, outside window” – contributed by Audio Hero

“keys locking or unlocking wooden door with rattle of other keys on key ring”

“Front door open, internal”

“Cat meow, hungry, begging for food”

“Strong howling wind blowing against a road sign 1” – contributed by Felix Blume

“Person bash into wooden sideboard or other wood furniture 3”

“Impact, thud, wood with metal fragments” – contributed by SoundBits

“Wine bottles x3 slide on table and bang together 1”

“Cork pull out of bottle top with squeak”

“Water pour into glass multiple”

“2x tumbler drinking glasses clink together 6”

“Transition, Vocal, Whoosh, Swoosh, Swish, Flashback, Fast, Scary, Sharp Attack, Horror, SciFi” – contributed by Bottle Rocket


Special Thanks To:

Kevin Moogan, Keith Pizzi, Ryan Beppel, Lauren Colbert, & Mariano Henestrosa


Lost Signal Society was created by Christa Pagliei and Michael Augustine Dondero


-Catch the Signal-



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