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World, Meet the Inspector

Season: 1 Episode: 1
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S01E01 - Former British News Corporation anchor, Percy Andrews, is en route to the scoop of his life. An unknown victim has been shot at the secluded estate of Congresswoman Camila Masters. Chief Overton attempts to coax the Inspector out of early retirement to take the case.


The following may contain depictions of violence. Listener discretion is advised.

Produced by Pigeon Spaceship Studios, a division of You Are Not Forgotten.

Executive Producer - Lora Bratton

Script & Music - Gregory Bratton


Narrator - Amanda Parker

Inspector Virlo Morton Lee - Gregory Bratton

Brody Roberts - Easton Rowell

Percy Andrews - Sebastian Stevens

Deputy Dundie - Ethan Britt

Orson Lang III - Ian R.

Chief Overton - Kevin Martschinske

Mutt Hammerson - James Ellison


Transcript available at: https://ivml.podbean.com/

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