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Exoplanetary 026 - Please Don't Forget to Feed the Cat

Season: 2 Episode: 26
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Ben Wolverton's search for Chaturanga brings him to a strange planet ruled by humanoid cats.


David Loftus as Ben Wolverton
Heidi Stephon as the Venerable August Rutherford
Rob Harrison as Nebuchednezzar
Paul Chetty as Charlemagne
Sarah Golding as Nefertiti
Rhiannon Dowling as Doris
and Sam A. Mowry as Long John Silver

Written by C. Christopher Hart
Sound Effects by Danger Marshall
Original Music provided by Jacob Jansen
"Please Don't Forget to Feed the Cat"
- Music and lyrics by Rob Harrison and Paul Chetty, Performed by Rob Harrison

Hear Rob and Paul's Gamma Radio at: https://www.gamma-radio.co.uk/
Hear Sarah Golding at: https://quirkyvoicespresents.buzzsprout.com/

This play, the characters, situations, and associated intellectual property © 2020 C. Christopher Hart, all rights reserved


Copyright 2020 C. Christopher Hart

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