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Season: 1 Episode: 10
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Episode Description: Utterly regular and unremarkable greetings from Broadcaster Jane.

CONTENT WARNING (CW): Weight loss and weight gain. This episode includes two vintage commercials that discuss weight. One is a children’s tonic to support weight gain (starts 1:29 and ends 2:23) and the other is an advertisement for weight loss pills (starts 5:09 and ends 5:38). The inclusion of this content is intended as satire and a critique of western conversations around body weight. Dispatch from the Desert Planet unequivocally denounces weight loss pills and does not support the narrative that weight is an indicator of health.

Presenting Athena Hagen as the voice of Broadcaster Jane.

Transcripts Available Here

Dispatch from the Desert Planet is a work of fiction. The commercials in this episode were derived from the following material. These products/organization are in no related to the podcast and do not endorse Dispatch from the Desert Planet, conversely Dispatch from the Desert Planet does not endorse these products/organizations.




The Worm by Ralph Bergengren read by Janice Green through Librivox Public Domain Resources.

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