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Introducing: The Ordinary Epic

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I want to share an episode of a show I think you might like - The Ordinary Epic! This episode is titled The Group. Transcript: https://www.theordinaryepic.com/transcript-for-the…

The Ordinary Epic contains depictions of fantasy violence, including combat, mortal harm, and bodily injury as well as some cursing and adult themes. Listener and reader discretion is advised.

Our heroes welcome a new member… and chaos ensues.

The Ordinary Epic is created and written by Brandon M. Crose and executive produced by Jordan Stillman. Our crew includes Technical Producer Brad Smith, Composer Tiven Weinstock, Graphic Designer Hailey Thurrott, and Visual Designer Sangjun Lee, with additional music and music editing by Bradley Jordan, and audio by Matthew Lightbound. Each episode of season one was directed by Stephanie LeBolt and features the voice talents of Rachel Belleman, Caitlin Gjerdrum, Brandon Green, Michael Hisamoto, and Eliott Purcell. Extra special thanks to Tom Janes and Lois Paton for the live musical performances heard in this episode!

Find and support our sponsors at: fableandfolly.com/partners.

Learn more about The Ordinary Epic at theordinaryepic.com.

Transcript of Introductory Bit By Tal: Hi everyone! I’d like to introduce you to a show I think fans of Sidequesting will really like - The Ordinary Epic. This show is a comedic audio drama about found families, role-playing games, dungeons, and (occasionally) dragons. Taking place both in the real world and the shared fantasy realm of the tabletop role-playing game they enjoy, The Ordinary Epic tells the story of a group of friends and their fictional counterparts. I listened to the first season in the span of a few days, and I adored it! It’s cute, funny, and really heartfelt. I loved seeing the characters bond and grow together - there are some really sweet moments, both between the players at the table and the characters they play. You can find and listen to The Ordinary Epic anywhere you listen to podcasts. And now, I invite you to join me in listening to the first episode.

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