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Season 2, Episode 2: Kathy

Episode: 18
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Kathy struggles with both Rebecca and Martin leaving for Anaconda. She thinks about what led her to this point in life and wonders if there wasn’t a better way to live her life. She ends up speaking with an unexpected visitor… 

Meanwhile, Olga is becoming suspicious about what Kathy does and doesn’t know. 

Husk is written and co-created by Sean Abplanalp and Emma Brown. Associate Producer - Elliott Jacobson. 

Transcript link:  https://www.huskpodcast.com/s2e2transcript   

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Music and season 2 cover art by Sean Abplanalp

Cast (In order of appearance):

Kathy: Ashleigh Elfring

Ron: Austin Hatfield

Gene: Austin Hatfield

Olga: Skye Stafford

Martin: Matt Woodman 

Gina: Anita Clark

Warren: Duke Murrdodge 

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