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What Are Brown Dwarfs? Episode 8

Episode: 8
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The Brown Dwarf. Is it a star? Is it a planet? Is it a tabletop war gaming miniature? Is it an obscure Red Dwarf fan fiction series? We need speculate no more, as observational astronomer Dr. Aleks Scholz of St. Andrews Observatory returns to the podcast with a detailed answer for us. We also announce details of our brand new Hostile Worlds merchandise store on TeePublic. Want a Hostile Worlds-branded t-shirt, hoodie, poster, sticker, or mug? Then you're in luck! Things to Learn What's the difference between a Brown Dwarf, a star, and a planet? Why are Brown Dwarfs interesting to scientists? Are Brown Dwarfs rare? What makes a Brown Dwarf? What do Brown Dwarfs look like? Could we land on a Brown Dwarf?

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