"Parasitecology" Podcast
A darkly comic sci-fi audiodrama about a suicidal nerd and his alien parasite best friend.

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Season: 1
Season One of Parasitecology is nearly upon us!  It's been a long road getting from there (not having a darkly comic SF audiodrama podcast about a suicidal nerd and his alien parasite best friend) to here (a metaphysical state where we, indisputably, hav.

Season: 1 Episode: 1
FINALLY, Parasitecology has arrived!  In this episode, our protagonist Javier awakens to a new reality and meets his future best friend, Cher Gandhi Statham under -- let's say, grave -- circumstances.  Memories get explored, various nodules and capillari.

Episode: 2
EPISODE #2 of Parasitecology!  Cher makes Javier an offer and we learn the difference between those who bought Bitcoins early and those who bought Dogecoins late.  Reminiscing about the Matrix.  Plus our first ad!  Yeah, we were surprised too, but I thin.

Episode: 3
EPISODE #3 of Parasitecology! Cher and Javier venture out into the world for food and other essentials! Once they figure out the minor details of getting dressed, smiling, and deciding what goes down easier on an empty stomach, toothpaste or mouthwash, t.

Episode: 4
EPISODE #4 of Parasitecology! Returning home with far too much food and pine needles, Cher shares with Javier details of his home world and biology as they fire up the FryDaddy. Plus, is this the episode Javier sees real proof of Cher's journey (and exis.

Episode: 5
EPISODE #5 of Parasitecology! Bonding continues as Cher and Javier go on a hormonal spin around town so Cher can get a feel for its new ride. Plus: ice cream! And what evil lurks beyond the (quite possible) evil of an impending work outing? Parasitecolog.

Episode: 6
EPISODE #6 of Parasitecology! Javier and Cher make their way to a work happy hour, discuss many of Personeum's apps and businesses (including the mysterious Alpha Track), and Cher gets drunk. Real drunk. But will Cher be too drunk to help Javier fend off.

Episode: 7
EPISODE #7 of Parasitecology! Javier and Cher deal with the aftermath of the murderbot attack and Javier gets to experience life as Cher's former bearer. Deep fried foods and space prison escapes collide in a story that could only be called "If I Could T.

Episode: 8
EPISODE #8 of Parasitecology! As Javier and Cher search for a smell-based means to avoid detection from murderbots and whatever else may come their way, cracks begin to form in the trust they've built up. A cloud of depression hangs over our heroes and s.

Episode: 9
EPISODE #9 of Parasitecology! In the brief calm before the coming storm that is the final run of episodes in Season 1, Javier and Cher join forces to figure out just how deep in it they are. Javier learns about the pleasant sounding Cabal of Violence and.

Episode: 10
EPISODE #10 of Parasitecology! A visit to the Personeum corporation's fancy cafeteria helps Cher and Javier make progress on their research into the shady AlphaTrack (and also helps Cher understand the joy of Pizza Rib Pockets with Wang Jangler sauce), b.

Episode: 11
EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED: It's episode 11 of Parasitecology! Javier finds himself alone and trying hard to remember his recent past when he makes a decision that will change his life (and possibly all life in the universe) forever. Will he and Cher find ea.

Episode: 12
3 EPISODES LEFT IN SEASON 1! It's episode 12 of Parasitecology and Javier & Cher find themselves on the run from the Personeum Corporation and their thousands of devices watching you, listening to you, and definitely smelling you all the time. Where can .

Episode: 13
THE PENULTIMATE EPISODE OF SEASON 1! A fully bonded team of Cher and Javier are off to find the Passhole in episode 13 of Parasitecology! They might survive the car chase, they may survive the murderbots, but can they survive Morgmort the Watcher!? The g.

Episode: 14
THE EXPLOSIVE FINALE IS HERE! Cher and Javier face faceless hordes of evil AI and electric scooters in a race to save their lives and (if there's time) the world. Will they escape to Cher's homeworld and leave us all in the hands of the Personeum Corpora.

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