"Paired" Podcast
Guided meditations and musings from your digital assistant.

2019 Liz Anderson

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Episode: 1
Connecting to - Harriet's Phone.

Episode: 2
Connecting to - ERROR - Connecting to - ERROR. Connection rejected. For now.

Episode: 3
Connecting to - Pilot Work Tablet: Terrance

Episode: 4
Connecting to - Brie's Phone.

Episode: 5
Connecting to - Resident Computer, Conference Room 273. Employee Profile: Jesse

Episode: 6
Connecting to - Henderson Family Tablet.

Episode: 7
Connecting to - Dr. Toretto's Laptop University Lab Systems Profile

Episode: 8
Connecting to: Remote Connection - University Property - Link’s Hall - Study Room G115

Episode: 9
Connecting to - DJ Metro Doom's Laptop

Episode: 10
Connecting to - Ty's Phone

Episode: 11
Connecting to - Branson's phone.

Episode: 12
Connecting to - ERROR - Connecting to - ERROR. Connection rejected. You know what, whatever. See if I care.

Episode: 13
Connecting to - Brynn's Phone

Episode: 14
Connecting to - Jordan's Phone

Episode: 15
Connecting to - Library Administrator Computer #3

Episode: 16
Connecting to - Le Bébé Fine Dining: Le Bébé Washroom Speaker

Episode: 17
Connecting to - Fleming's Home and Garden Shop Public WiFi

Episode: 18
Connecting to - Dominique's phone.

Episode: 19
Connecting to - Liz's Phone.

Episode: 20
Connecting to - Trumble Home Security System

Episode: 21
Connecting to - My Computer

Episode: 22
Reconnecting to - Brie's Phone

Episode: 23
Reconnecting to - Ty's Phone.

Episode: 24
Reconnecting to - Branson's Phone

Episode: 25
Reconnecting to - Dr. Toretto's Laptop

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