Hostile Worlds: Exploring Space

"Hostile Worlds: Exploring Space" Podcast
Join us on a journey to some of the most inhospitable, humbling, and frighteningly beautiful places in the known universe. Hostile Worlds is a podcast that lets you explore alien landscapes and extra-terrestrial terrain - all from the comfort of your headphones. From the freezing hydrocarbon oceans of Titan, to the scorched, and suffocating wastes of Venus – we’ll take you on an educational and immersive audio tour to all the places you’d die to see… and places you’d die if you saw. You’ll join the crew of The Tardigrade, an all-purpose vehicle that can float, fly, dive, and dig through any environment in the universe. And you’ll learn all the facts you'll ever needed to present yourself as THE space exploration authority down your local pub on a Friday night. Hostile Worlds is a unique documentary/audio drama hybrid – brought to you by the folks at

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Episode: 1
Welcome to The Hostile Worlds Podcast

Episode: 1
Join us on a journey to some of the most inhospitable, humbling, and frighteningly beautiful places in the known universe.

Episode: 1
Would you like to go on an audio tour around some of the most fascinating yet deadly places in the universe? Of course you would.

Episode: 2
The Tardigrade is on its way to Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn.

Episode: 3
Welcome to Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn, and the only known cosmic body other than Earth, that we know for certain has actual lakes and seas on its surface.

Episode: 4
What would happen to you if you were floating in deep space without a spacesuit?

Episode: 5
Learning about relativity and distance within the solar system and the universe in general.

Episode: 6
How do stars from? How do stars die? What determines the ultimate fate of a star? What causes stars to explode?

Episode: 7
Welcome to Venus, the second planet from the sun and the closest other planet to Earth.

Episode: 8
Is it a star? Is it a planet? Is it a tabletop war gaming miniature? Is it an obscure Red Dwarf fan fiction series?

Episode: 9
Our lives literally revolve around it. That big yellow ball in the sky - The Sun.

Episode: 10
The crew's inevitable deaths will not be in vain. We’ll still have some time on this episode to learn about the structure of our main star before they reach the core and get burned to crispy cinders.

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