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Episode 19 - Home by the Sea

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Jake and Monica are taken back in time - they think - to a place out of Jake's past: a house he has fond memories of that has now become a veritable house of horrors. This is the eye of the storm where things are anything but calm.  Written and produced by Alex C. Telander Jake played by Chris Fletcher. Monica played by Georgia Mckenzie. Music composed by Chris Fletcher.  All artwork is done by Sara Warren. Sounds effects are courtesy of the incredible people at Freesound.org. For a transcript of this episode, please visit ostiumpodcast.com. Reviews are the lifeblood of podcasts. Reviews are one way people discover new podcasts. Reviews are how people learn what a podcast is about, what they might like about the podcast. Five-star reviews get podcasts highlighted and featured and mentioned on podcast apps. So you can show your love for Ostium by supporting us on Patreon, or you could write us a five-star review on iTunes or whatever podcast app you use. This is a really big deal for Ostium, so much so that we’re doing a special giveaway for it. What’s up for grabs? Well, I’m glad you asked. We’re giving away a paperback copy of the Ostium book: Population Zero. But what’s even more special about it is it’s signed by Team Ostium. You’ve got autographs from Chris Fletcher, the voice of Jake; Georgia Mckenzie, the voice of Monica; Sara Warren, our incredible artist; and Alex C. Telander, who writes all the episodes and is saying these words right now. Yeah. I know. Pretty special, huh? This giveaway will run from the release of Episode 18 through the release of Episode 20 up to just before midnight Pacific Time on Saturday, June 2nd. So two weeks after Season 2 is complete. What do you need to do to be entered? Just leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Send us a link of that review to ostiumpodcast@gmail.com and you’re entered. A winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Sunday, June 3rd and the book will be mailed to that person. Simple as that. So . . . Time to get reviewing! This week's podcast recommendation is Lucyd: Lucyd is a supernatural drama, following a young woman dealing with unusual and frightening events surrounding her mysterious nightmares, and what follows her into the waking world. Set in Cork, Ireland, and told through the lens of 'found-footage'-style audio recordings, both knowingly made by the characters and recorded without their knowledge, LUCYD explores elements of occult horror and psychological drama, as well as humor, romance, and dreams. A wonderful discovery. Irish accents. High quality recording. And some cool Irish mythology. This show is fun and interesting and definitely addicting. So . . . Join us . . . Thank you so much for listening and see in you in two weeks for the season 2 finale: Episode 20: Once More with Feeling.  

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