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7. Loco Bananas

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CW: Violence, descriptions of assault and drugs. Previously on Mockery Manor: Bette makes a dramatic exit from the park, leaving a note publicly shaming JJ. While looking at old photos with his mum, Parker realises that Margot Mockery's friend Janet (who Parker secretly knows to have been murdered) is JJ's aunt. He rushes back to the park with the photo to confront JJ. The pair end up making love instead, but JJ soon realises that it was Janet she heard screaming in the Dreamland recording. Meanwhile, JJ's older ex-boyfriend Graham arrives at the park, and a hitchhiking Bette has suddenly come face to face with Manager Norton.  In this episode: JJ deals with Graham's unexpected arrival, and Bette returns to Mockery Manor... If you're enjoying the show, please support us on Ko-fi: http://www.ko-fi.com/longcatmedia (www.ko-fi.com/longcatmedia) Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @MockeryManor, or visit http://www.longcatmedia.com/ (www.longcatmedia.com) for more info. Support this podcast

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