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S1E15 - The Dog Is Alive - The Full Story

Season: 1 Episode: 15
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The full timeline of events and repeating elements in the series. Prepare to have your mind blown. Listen only if you’ve gotten through most of the show, as there are MASSIVE spoilers for the whole series.

A visual for the timeline, explained: http://bit.ly/dogtimeline

A visual for the easter eggs, explained: http://bit.ly/dogconnections

If you want to download or play around with the sheets, use File:Make a Copy, and then you can sort by episode.

The true chronological order for the series:

  1. Ghost Mutiny
  2. Detective Blues
  3. The Prodigal Cat
  4. Summer, 2006
  5. Aerophobia
  6. Madam
  7. AI
  8. Karate Chops
  9. Doctor Dread Knows
  10. Christmas Heist
  11. Us
  12. The Dragon Jester
  13. The Disembodied and Vaguely Australian Alien
  14. Winter, 2306

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Songs are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license: The Buccaneer’s Haul by Shane Ivey; Hold on a Second by John Deley and the 41 Players; We Were Once Kings, March to Victory, Righteous, Tobaggan by Silent Partner; Bike Sharing to Paradise by Dan Bodan; Relay by Mystery Mammal; Slow Tango by Andrew Huang; Waltz of the Flowers by Tchiakovsky; Final Boss by Myuu; Bethlehem Christmas, Heartwarming by Kevin MacLeod; Renaissance, Carol of the Bells by Audionautix; You’re Not Wrong by roljui; Barton Springs by Bird Creek

Sounds are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license from freesound.org

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